Project: Cosmic Combat

Release: 11th March 2014 (Beta: 12th Jan)
Genre: Shoot 'em Up
Platform: Windows
Price: free!

Cosmic Combat a Shoot 'em Up with many effects, particles and explosions. :D You might know this game from gamejolt. The game itself is quite simplistic but very challenging and entertaining. Take a look at this free action game and try to perpetuate your name in the online leaderboard.

- Free Download!
- Online Highscore!
- No Installation, just download and play!
- Many different enemys!
- Tons of Upgrades!
- Many effects and particles that can get quite challenging for your system :D
- Specials like shielddrones or laserdrones!
- Permadeath
- Fitting Music and powerful sounds

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Download: (Downloads: 2173)
Direct Download Cosmic Combat v1.3.6 (Windows .zip)