Project: Cosmic Combat 2

Pre-Release: 18th April 2016
Genre: Shoot 'em Up
Platform: Windows
Price: Currently it's free!

Cosmic Combat 2 is the sequel and much more advanced counterpart to Cosmic Combat. Made in only 48 hours for the 18th gm(48) gamejam it has already more features and is smoother than the original Cosmic Combat. However it lacks content and isn't very balanced (it's pretty hard and you don't earn enough scrap). It's just a demo at what a "big" Cosmic Combat Game could be like. Take a look at this prototype!

Prototype Features:
- Proecedurally generated campaign
- Free Download!
- No Installation, just download and play!
- Many different enemys!
- Upgrades!
- Many effects and particles
- Permadeath
- Epic Music, made by Redstonize, and nice sounds

Download (direct download):
Download Cosmic Combat 2

Download (gamejolt):
Download Cosmic Combat 2 on gamejolt