About Retrific Game Studio

Retrific, founded 2013 in Hamm, NRW, is a German, one-man, independent game studio by student Jonathan Mannshoven specialized on gameplay focused 2D PC games, prioritizing fun over narrative.

Some games that I worked on are Just Get Through, Colt Canyon or Invisibox.

I'm also known for some free games and prototypes that I made either by myself or in cooperation with fellow students and developers. Some of these games are Shell Shift, Help! or Cosmic Combat.

Media Kit: Download
Mail: contact@retrific.net
Twitter: @Retrific
Facebook: facebook.com/Retrific
Twitch: twitch.tv/retrific


Who is Retrific?
Retrific is the one-man indie game studio by Jonathan Mannshoven, a German game design student. I'm hoping to expand some day and get one or two more people on board. But no rush.
Currently I am working solo or with freelancers.

How can I stay updated about Retrific's upcoming projects?
Make sure to follow me on twitter. That's where I will share all news first.

Am I allowed to make, publish and monetize videos of your games?
Yes, absolutely! You can do let's plays, reviews or whatever and use footage of my games. You are also allowed to monetize your videos. Make sure to include a link to the game in your video descriptions.